Related APPGs

People interested in our work might also be interested in the work of the following cross-party groups:

The APPG on Agroecology, chaired by Kerry McCarthy, is promoting agroecological approaches to land management, taking into account the wider social and economic context as it affects farmers and rural communities. Their news and publications can be followed on their website.

Climate Change
The All-Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group is chaired by Caroline Lucas MP and works to raise awareness about the threat of climate change and promote policies to counter that threat. For more information, visit the Policy Connect Website.

Future Generations
The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Future Generations is chaired by Daniel Zeichner MP and works to raise awareness of long-term issues, and explore ways to internalise longer-term considerations into decision-making processes. For more information, visit the APPG on Future Generations website.

Inclusive Growth
The APPG on Inclusive Growth, chaired by Liam Byrne, is focusing on linking wealth creation and social justice. You can follow their work on the APPG on Inclusive Growth website.

Social Enterprise
The APPG on Social Enterprise, chaired by Chris White, is aiming to ‘raise awareness of social enterprise amongst parliamentarians, showcase social enterprises, and discuss issues important to the movement’. For more information, visit the Social Enterprise UK website.

Sustainable Development Goals
The APPG on Sustainable Development Goals, chaired by Wendy Morton, aims to promote debate around the Sustainable Development Goals, adopted at the United Nations in September 2015, and to monitor their implementation. Bond acts as the group’s secretariat.

Sustainable Resource
The All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group is chaired by Barry Sheerman and focuses on sustainable waste management. For more information, visit the Policy Connect Website.

Wellbeing Economics
The APPG on Wellbeing Economics is chaired by Jon Cruddas and aims to ‘provide a forum of discussion of wellbeing issues and public policy in Parliament; provide enhancement of wellbeing as an important government goal; encourage the adoption of wellbeing indicators as complementary measures of progress to GDP; promote policies designed to enhance wellbeing’. For more information, visit the APPG on Wellbeing Economics website.